Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic tank system needs regular maintenance. Our licensed professionals visit your premises according to the maintenance schedule.
Our professional staff analyzes water quality, inspects the septic tank system and adds disinfection chemical so that your septic tank system will work properly to treat waste water.

Water Jet Drainpipe Cleaning

Our high-pressure water jet truck is applicable to buildings ranging from houses to skyscrapers. High-pressure water removes the residue from grease, debris, dirt, soaps and hardened scale built up inside drainpipes. Cleaning your drainpipes as clean as new and providing you peace-of-mind for years to come is our mission and goal.

Water Storage Tank Cleaning & Disinfection

Water Storage Tank holds fresh water provided from a public water supplier. Our licensed experts clean and disinfect your water storage tank complying with ”Act on Maintenance of Sanitation in Buildings”. Our licensed professionals work to provide you safe drinking water.

Water Supply & Drainage Piping

Water supply and drainage system is important for smoothly supplying and draining water throughout a building.
The system needs regular maintenance and repair to avoid a sudden water outage.