Kaiteki Toilet(Panel Toilet Comfy)

What is "Kaiteki" Toilet?

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport takes measures to improve a working environment of construction worksites
for men and women. A portable toilet with functions for comforts was named "Kaiteki"Toilet by the Ministry and the standard specifications were announced in August 2016. The use of "Kaiteki"Toilet is required for the public construction projects which started a bid later than October 1st, 2016

We invented "Kaiteki"Toilet by modifying our Rapid Loo for the purpose of creating a better working environment of construction
worksites. We received the certificate of "Kaiteki"Toilet from Japan Toilet Laboratory.

The functions of "Kaiteki"Toilet

○Standard  △Optional  -N/A

Functions required for
Odor-blocking flapper
Light(Without A/C power)
Hanger(Supports more than 5kgs)
Accessories for
Sign for men and women
Toilet screen to cover the entrance
Sanitary Box(Required only for women toilet)
Handbasin with a mirror
Antibacterial sheet or spray
Interior space over 900 x 900mm
Toilet-noise masker
Clothes changing tray
Double mechanism of flapper
Temperature adjusting mechanism
Tray(Also for spare toilet rolls)


Height 218cm
Width 108cm
 Depth 108cm
 Color Blue
Weight 82kgs (Empty)
  Wastewater Capacity 220ℓ
Flush system Pedal Flush